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american forging companyBased in Trenton, MI, Trenton Forging has been committed to providing our customers with the innovation and quality that they deserve. Some of our in-house services include impression die forging, micro-alloy forging, symmetrical and asymmetrical forgings, pre-forming, post-forming, and induction heating. 

Through several decades of growth and innovation, we’ve become a leading American forging company. We have kept our operations in Trenton instead of outsourcing to foreign companies, and are constantly thinking of new ways to help our friends and neighbors in our very own community.

Committed to Our Community

Our American forging company has always had deep ties to the local community and continues to be an active part of the community to this day.

We frequently help out non-profit organizations, and have worked with pediatric cancer foundations, scholarship funds, and veterans organizations. We will continue to contribute to worthy local causes in the Trenton, MI, area.

Benefits of Working With an American Forging Company

Trenton Forging’s operations are fully based in the United States. Our customers can benefit from our location in many ways. First, we ship our work more quickly and complete orders more affordably.

Secondly, we can communicate with our customers more effectively than many offshore forging companies. All of our employees are native English speakers who can clearly communicate complicated concepts. Additionally, because we’re an American forging company, we can also respond to our customers more quickly, as there won’t be any drastic time zone differences.

Forging Companies in the USA Versus Offshore Companies

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When examining metal forging companies as possible suppliers, many clients find themselves choosing between an American forging company and an offshore one. This can be an important decision that may affect cost, quality, timeliness and more.

Working with forging companies in the USA means reliable quality, better communication, improved technical assistance, and simpler transportation requirements. While an offshore provider may be able to offer all of these benefits (except for the simple transportation), many clients find that they can rely on domestic producers much more. 

Conversely, offshore companies are often viewed as being less costly. This is accurate in some cases. However, there are some hidden costs. Specifically, you may have to pay additional taxes and fees, wrestle with international politics, and experience transportation delays. Remember these when deciding whether to offshore your forging needs.

If you want to be certain of the quality of both your products and your vendor relationship, consider working with an American forging company like Trenton Forging.

Why Work With Trenton Forging?

Trenton Forging is proud to be a name that manufacturers continue to trust. In addition to our exceptional communication, unparalleled quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we also provide convenient in-house resources, as well as many years of industry experience.

In-House Resources

Trenton Forging uses the latest technology to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry. In addition to our forging services, we also provide 3D printing, 3D laser scanning, die welding, tooling, and machining. We can also do much of the necessary design and engineering work in-house.  

Our advanced 3D printing technology gives us capabilities that many offshore and American forging companies do not have. We can take a technical drawing of a part and produce an accurate prototype within 24 to 48 hours. We also use our 3D laser scanning technology in conjunction with our 3D printing technology. Additionally, our technology records the exact dimensions of a part, which helps us create a 3D-printed prototype for reverse engineering. 

One way in which our American forging company has recently upgraded our operation is our die welding facility. Our facility allows us to create our own tooling in-house. This helps increase cost-efficiency and reduce turnaround times.

Experience & Expertise

Our team at Trenton Forging is made up of a diverse group of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in their respective fields. Unlike smaller operations that require employees to perform several roles, our employees have become masters in their chosen specialties. We proudly employ tooling specialists, engineers, and forging professionals. We even have our own quality control team who carefully inspects each part to ensure it meets our high standards. 

Our dedication to quality has helped establish us as a leading American forging company. We do not outsource our quality control process like other forging companies often do.

Meeting Specifications — Exceeding Expectations

Our specialized process gives us the ability to offer a wide range of options to our clients:

  • Cross-sections 2 7/8″ and below
  • Radius options down to .06″
  • Down to 7-degree draft angles
  • Product weight from 1/10 to 15 lbs.
  • Up to 24″ lengths

We Specialize in Impression Die Forging

Impression die forging is an incredibly complex technique that should only be performed by industry professionals like us. In this method, we use two or more dies to shape a pre-heated metal billet. We believe that this method produces products that are more durable and resistant to fatigue and impact.

Our forging process is simple:

  1. We start with mold construction, which is where we construct the mold that is used to form your steel component.
  2. Next, our engineers oversee extensive testing protocols to ensure your mold performs as specified.
  3. After we complete testing, we heat raw-steel or steel-alloy billet in an induction furnace to near-molten temperatures, rendering its basic structure more malleable.
  4. Once the metal reaches the correct temperature, our specialists position the molten metal on the bottom mold with large, specialized tongues. Through a process called drop-hammer forging, the top half of the mold issues rapid, heavy blows to the raw material, pressing it into the desired shape.
  5. Next, any excess material, called flash, is trimmed away. Then, we perform any specified piercing, hardening, or surface treatments.
  6. After we’ve completed surface treatments, our quality control team carefully inspects each component by hand to confirm that they meet your specifications, as well as our high standards.

As a trusted American forging company, Trenton Forging takes pride in continually improving each step in our impression die forging process. We strive to meet and exceed our standards and yours on every production run, regardless of size or scope.

Take Advantage of Our Custom Forgings

At Trenton, we make an effort to accommodate your unique range of products and applications. Certain specifications or time constraints may call for custom protocols or specialized methods, including:

  • Pre- & Post-Forming: In this procedure, we apply mechanical or chemical treatments to a part before or after forging. These treatments can speed cooling times, enhance forming capacity, or augment other parts of the process.
  • Microalloy Forging: This thermo-mechanical process shortens production time when needed by eliminating the need for tempering and other conventional steps.
  • Complex Part Configurations: Complex configurations can present various challenges that our forging specialists love to tackle. We routinely accommodate symmetrical and asymmetrical components with varying wall thicknesses, custom ribs or flanges, and even pockets or cavities.

Partner With Trenton Forging Today

If you’re looking for a trusted American forging company, turn to Trenton Forging. Over the past five decades, we’ve built a reputation for quality and innovation. No matter what type of project we’re handling, we always incorporate cutting-edge technology to ensure that our work is as efficient and effective as possible.


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