American Forging Company

american forging companyTrenton is an American forging company that joins a long tradition of forging stretching back to the Bronze Age. We specialize in closed die forging, a process that alters the fundamental shape of steel and steel alloys.

Some of our specialties include: custom forging, stainless steel forging, micro-alloy forging, pre and post forming and more.

Forging Companies in the USA

Forging enhances the strength and durability of steel and steel alloys so effectively that its usefulness spans nearly every industry. For more than half a century, Trenton’s forging services have helped make our railroads more efficient, our automobiles safer and our farm equipment more durable, to name only a few practical applications.

Closed-Impression Die Forging

If you have seen photos of a forging facility or visited an American forging company, you may have seen the dramatic, orange color of the steel used in the impression die forging process. Those raw, steel billets will eventually be formed, per your design specifications, into your forged product.

When your design is completed and approved, the forging process commences:

  • Mold construction — Our in-house tooling specialists construct the mold that will be used to form your steel component.
  • Product development — Trenton engineers oversee extensive testing protocols to ensure your mold performs as specified.
  • Raw material preparation — Our forging team heats the raw-steel or steel-alloy billet in an induction furnace to near-molten temperatures, rendering its basic structure more malleable.
  • Steel forging — Our specialists position the molten metal on the bottom mold with large, specialized tongs. Through a process called drop-hammer forging, the top half of the mold issues rapid, heavy blows to the raw material, pressing it into the desired shape.
  • Trimming and post-treatments — Any excess material, called flash, is trimmed away, and the specified piercing, hardening or surface treatments are performed.
  • Product Inspection — Trenton’s quality-control team carefully inspects each component by hand to confirm they meet your specifications.

As an American forging company, Trenton takes pride in continually improving each step in the process. We strive to meet or exceed our high standards and yours on every production run, regardless of size or scope.

Custom Forgings

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At Trenton, we make the effort to accommodate our customers’ unique range of products and applications. Certain specifications or time constraints may call for custom protocols or specialized methods, such as these:

  • Pre- and post-forming procedures are generally mechanical or chemical treatments applied to the part before or after forging. These treatments can speed cooling times, enhance forming capacity or augment other parts of the process.
  • Microalloy forging is a thermo-mechanical process that can shorten production time, when needed, by eliminating the need for tempering and other conventional steps.
  • Complex part configurations can present various challenges that Trenton’s forging specialists love to tackle. We routinely accommodate symmetrical and asymmetrical components with varying wall thicknesses, custom ribs or flanges and even pockets or cavities.

U.S.-Based Forging Companies vs. Offshore Companies

When examining metal forging companies as possible suppliers, many clients find themselves choosing between an American forging company and an offshore one. This can be an important decision that may affect cost, quality, timeliness and more.

Working with a U.S.-based company can have the advantages of more reliable quality, better communication, improved technical assistance and simpler transportation requirements. While an offshore provider may be able to offer all of these benefits (except for the simple transportation), many clients find that they can rely on domestic producers much more. If you want to be certain of the quality of both your products and your vendor relationship, consider working with an American forging company.

Conversely, offshore companies are often viewed as being less costly. This is accurate in some cases. However, there are some hidden costs. Specifically, there may be additional taxes and fees to be paid, international politics to wrestle with and delays due to more complex transportation. Remember these when deciding whether to offshore your forging needs.

Design and Engineering

Because forging significantly increases stability and longevity, it is the industry-standard when extra strength is required. Achieving a quality forged component begins with a flawless design. Initially, Trenton’s engineering experts meet with your team to develop or fine-tune your product design. Trenton’s services include cutting-edge computer-aided design, 3D printing and 3D laser-scanning technologies to help ensure your design precisely complies with your specifications and your expectations.

US Based Forging Services

As a premier American forging company, we are always learning, innovating and expanding our service offerings. We look forward to working with whatever unique challenges your project brings to the table.

With our five decades of experience, exemplary customer service and extensive forging capacity, we’ve earned our reputation as one of the leading full-service forging companies in the USA. Our service experts are eager to answer your questions any hour of the day or night. Our US based foundry welcomes the opportunity to offer you the most advanced forging technologies available for your small or large project.