Drop Forged Steel


Drop Hammer Forging Process

This fabrication method starts with two dies. One is set on a stationary anvil and the other is connected to a moving ram. The raw metal is heated and placed into the lower die connected to the anvil. Once in place, the ram is dropped onto the metal to shape it.

Drop forged steel varies depending on the metal used, the number of blows and the cooling method. As the name implies, the process typically uses gravity to drop the ram onto the anvil and connect the two die plates, but mechanical force may also be used. In some cases, extreme pressure is necessary to reach up to 50,000 pounds of pressure.

The basic process of drop forging is the same as hand forging. Just like a master craftsman that forges steel one hammer swing at a time, drop forging carefully crafts a piece to fit your desired specifications. Timeless techniques and expert forging services are blended with modern technology to create high-quality, reliable components.

Common Forged Components

drop forgingThis time-tested and efficient process can create a number of components for your industry. Find out how you can benefit from turning to drop forged steel for these and other components:

  • Spanners
  • Connecting rods
  • Crankshafts
  • Levers
  • Gears

The two dies are custom-made to create custom forgings that are ideal for your manufacturing needs. Agricultural, automotive, aerospace and material handling industries can all benefit from drop forged pieces. The sheer flexibility of this dependable service allows you to craft components to solve a number of difficulties in your industry.

Whether you need us to create custom pieces for innovative equipment or to fabricate replacement parts to avoid costly special orders, turn to our American forging company. Find out why many of your competitors may already be using this custom forging process to create reliable components.

Benefits of Drop Forged Steel

Compared to other fabrication processes, drop forging offers a number of benefits. This process allows you to align metal grains of your components to reduce the risk of damage to common stress locations. Stronger components keep up their mechanical properties under intense pressure and strain.

If your gears, crankshafts or other components are frequently damaged under the stress and strain of daily operation, replace them with dependable drop hammer forged products. Discuss your issues with our team so we can assist you with creating the ideal design with the right materials and grain structure for your application.

Finally, our forging process at Trenton Forging is faster than comparative processes. If you need bulk parts in a hurry, connect with our team to find out how we can meet your deadlines with durable, industry-leading components.

Is Drop Forging Expensive?

Typically, drop forging is not as expensive as customers assume. First, it can produce parts at a low marginal cost after the initial tooling investment. Second, completing the tooling is less costly than many assume, especially for relatively simple parts. It also helps save on raw material usage due to high efficiency. In many circumstances, this can be a very cost-effective option for the following reasons:

  • Drop forging produces work products with excellent structural integrity.
  • The tooling for drop forging lasts for relatively long service lives, making the process even more cost-effective.
  • Drop forging has rapid cycle times, allowing for greater productivity.
  • There are many design opportunities available with closed-die drop forging that are not possible with some other types of metal production.
  • A wide variety of metals can be forged including steel, stainless steel, alloys and more.

Drop Forging

Our core values have stood the test of time. Since 1967, our team has worked with integrity, innovation and urgency to create industry-leading components for diverse industries. Our manufacturing services lead the way with custom parts created with dependable manufacturing and drop forging techniques.

As a trusted drop forged steel manufacturer, Trenton Forging is your premier source of drop forged steel. Learn more about our services and how we can assist you today by contacting us. Find out how we combine drop forging, die welding, 3D printing and machining services to create custom parts to fit your industry demands.