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Employee Spotlight: Trent Stoner, Welder

At Trenton Forging Company, the highest of bars have been set when it comes to recruiting talented, forward-thinking team players. We seek out those who are willing to rise up to every challenge and take great pride in their work. Every team member adds unique value, and each brings a special skill set, outlook, or work/life experience to the table.

From time to time, we’ll be spotlighting and giving additional recognition to a variety of employees who emulate the core values of our company. In doing so, we hope to thank them for their hard work and dedication for not only reaching our business goals, but their personal goals as well.

Trent Stoner, who has been a Trenton Forging team member since January, could not be more deserving of being showcased this month. Don’t let his current tenure fool you; his impact within the company has been massive in the 8 months he’s been on board. In fact, he’s went above and beyond to complete more online training courses to further his education and expertise than anyone else thus far! Nominated for this spotlight by several managers within the company, one states that Trent: “works hard, is self-motivated, and does the right thing… he is a good person.”

That he is; he comes by that widely-admired work ethic honestly. His grandfather, who Trent says was a very hard worker, is his greatest inspiration. His grandfather believed that hard work could get a person anything they wanted, and Trent agrees. Along with his grandfather’s tenacity in the workplace, he had heart, too. “Most of all, his compassion for others taught me how to be a genuinely good person,” Trent remembers.

Having a role model of that caliber has paid off. He’s successfully completed welding school, and is also experienced in torching, demolition, heavy equipment operation, carpentry, and mechanical work. Being so well-rounded has opened a number of doors for Trent and allowed him plenty of opportunities over the years – all of which, ultimately, lead him to us. In regard to making the transition to welding at Trenton Forging, he recalls, “I thought [Trenton Forging] offered many benefits, had a great reputation in the industry … (I knew) it would be a great place to settle into and finish my career.”

We couldn’t be more grateful that he did, as his hard work and dedication have been immediately noticed throughout his department and beyond. What’s more, Trent is proud to provide it:

“The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the finished products that were a result of my hard work… I believe the feeling you get doing something right, and the outcome is perfect, is one of the best feelings of accomplishment you can get. Hard work does pay off, even if it’s only a feeling of accomplishment that you get from giving it your all.

Work/life balance is a crucial part of the health and happiness of our team members. We enjoyed hearing about how his passion is channeled outside of work into his love for the outdoors. Whether hunting, fishing, hiking, rappelling, or playing ball with his dog, being able to reset and refresh each day is such an important part of Trent’s ability to show up and give 100% at work; we couldn’t be more grateful that he does.

On behalf of everyone at Trenton Forging Company, Trent, we want to thank you for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to be a part of our ever-growing team. From the moment training begins until retirement, we view you as not only a critical part of the Trenton Forging team, but a part of our family.


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