Forging Manufacturing

forging manufacturingExplore how our forging manufacturing services can help you meet your deadline or obtain the specialized products you need for your production facility. Forging manufacturing is a critical link of the manufacturing chain for many industries.

Trenton Forging offers specialized steel forging techniques, such as closed impression die forging, to create custom products specific for your industry.

Forgings Suppliers

Shaping metal through the process of forging is a concept that has been around since ancient times, but today’s forging manufacturing is greatly assisted by forging presses and hammering tools that result in quicker and more efficient processes. However, not just anyone can create the precision components needed for today’s manufacturing facilities.

Don’t let a small facility or lack of resources hold you back. Many companies struggle to produce the cutting-edge parts they need for their finished products. If you’re looking for metal forgings suppliers for your automotive, railroad, defense or mining company, turn to Trenton Forging.

We use the latest 3D printing, die welding, laser scanning and impression forging technology to offer you lasting results. Our years of experience allows us to choose the ideal forging method and raw material for your specific component.

Impression Die Forging

Closed die forging is ideal for shaping a wide variety of metals at a reasonable cost. Closed die forging also generates less wasted metal. This service can be used to create highly complex forms in either a single or multi-stage approach. Efficient forging requires precise dies, accurate heating procedures, quality billet metal and a skilled staff of technicians who know their craft.

Our impression die forging process starts with billet metal. After selecting the correct alloy and grade of metal for your custom components, we create two or more dies. These dies are used in the impression die forging, or closed die forging, process much like casing molds.

First, a hammer is dropped on the heated piece to allow the hot metal to flow and fill the cavities of each die. This process may require multiple hammer drops. Instead of slow, gradual pressure, an impression die forging manufacturing process typically uses a series of rapid drops. Leftover flash is removed, the metal is cooled and the die is removed to present your finished product.

Our full-service approach offers high-quality manufacturing resources and components to companies in a variety of industries. While impression die forging is one of our most popular methods, this is only one type of forging available at Trenton Forging.

Drop Hammer Forging

Another popular forging manufacturing process is drop hammer forging. Select a workpiece between .01 and 15 pounds, up to 24 inches in length. Our state-of-the-art forging process uses a gravity-drop-style air lift to hammer the piece into the ideal dimensions.

We use a closed-die system that limits the amount of flashing without compromising the quality of your products or the lifetime of our equipment. We ensure that the flashing is carefully and accurately removed to provide a precision product. Whether you’re looking for a single component or bulk forging, turn to Trenton Forging to expand your manufacturing possibilities.

Discuss our drop hammer and impression die forging to determine the best service for your specific components. Depending on your industry, alloy and requirements, we’ll recommend a service and create dies that match your standards for quality control and long-lasting performance.

Our Process

forging suppliersWe have developed a forging process we are proud of. We start by procuring the best raw materials for your specific process. Next, we create custom dies and other tooling to ensure accurate production. After thorough testing, we forge your products.

Shot blast cleaning, heat treatment and any coining, coating or machining are performed before the final inspection. Finally, rapid shipping ensures you receive your parts with minimal downtime.

We work closely with you to ensure our process fits your deadlines. We understand that downtime costs you and we work tirelessly to get you back to work as quickly as possible. Discuss your ideal timetable with our team today.

We won’t sacrifice quality to deliver a part on time, but we can discuss accelerated timetables to prevent costly downtime at your facility. It’s just another way we work to keep your company at the forefront of your industry.

Industries We Serve

The forging process is ideal for custom components that need to withstand serious pressures in unique industrial applications. Here are some typical industries we serve with our forging manufacturing:

  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Railroad

Agricultural forging creates grain augers, combine fingers, tie rods and other components for reliable performance. Whether you’re operating a large-scale agricultural processing company or manufacturing equipment for farms in your area, work with us to create reliable replacement parts and custom components to keep your company moving forward.

Order custom automotive parts to keep pace with Fortune 500 companies. Order custom engine parts to restore your commercial trucks or have our team manufacture your patented suspension parts for your latest automotive offering.

The defense industry requires precise components on accelerated timelines. Our forged products hold up to intense war-time conditions and allow your military vehicles, firearms and other equipment to keep service men and women safe.

Forged grinder tips, block cutters and chisel bits replace worn-out components after intense mining and forestry operations. These industries need rugged equipment that can withstand heavy use, so turn to a quality manufacturing process for forged blocks, tools, teeth and bits.

Keep trains operating on time and on schedule with replacement roller pins, boxcar hand brakes and other critical components. We work with you to ensure your forged railroad products meet your specifications to provide OEM or better performance.

Work With Trenton Forging

Work with Trenton Forging for quality components at competitive prices. As a leader among forging suppliers, we create impression die forged products between .01 and 15 pounds. The maximum product length is 24 inches, so you can create an extensive range of parts for your industry needs. Receive the custom components you need for your automotive services, agricultural services or commercial truck equipment.

Don’t let a missing component or lack of in-house resources prevent you from growing your business. Contact us today to connect with one of our trained representatives. At Trenton Forging, you’ll partner with a dedicated team of technicians and engineers who work with your existing designs or help you create a design that fits your process.  We look forward to creating components that meet your precise manufacturing needs.