Forging Services

forging services

Metal forging has been practiced for millennia and has significantly contributed to the advancement of humankind. Forging provides metals with a level of strength and durability that has revolutionized manufacturing.

Modern forging services and products are now used in nearly every industry. Trenton Forging is proud to have served as a leading innovator in custom industrial forging for over 50 years. Some of our forging services include:

  • Closed Impression Die Forging
  • Microalloy Forging
  • Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Forging
  • Pre & Post Forming
  • Induction Heat


The first documented use of closed-die steel forging was for the production of the 1862 Colt revolver. Today, Trenton Forging produces parts used in military-grade firearm components and other defense operations.

We are proud to be a top US producer of high-performance automotive parts and components used by organizations from Ford and Toyota to Hummer and NASCAR. The following are just a few examples of Trenton’s custom forging services:

  • Construction components for warehouses, skyscrapers and geodesic domes
  • Automotive tie-rod ends, exhaust flanges and steering yokes
  • Armored vehicle hinges and gun barrels
  • Agricultural components for tractors, backhoes and combines
  • Marine supplies, such as operating handles and watertight door hardware
  • Auto-Racing steering and transmission parts
  • Mining supplies, such as rock tools and drill bits
  • Railroad box-car hand brakes and switch irons

Whatever industry brings you to Trenton, our experts will work with you to find top-quality, affordable solutions to your custom forging needs.

Closed Impression Die Forging

custom steel forgings

Trenton’s closed-impression die forging alters the shape and composition of the metal, providing it with superior structural integrity and high-impact strength. The final product is suitable to withstand the harshest stress and environmental conditions.

When you require closed die forging for complex configurations or wall thicknesses, Trenton’s team of designers and technical experts are equal to the task.

Our state-of-the-art tool-and-die forging facility produces forged steel and steel alloys ranging from just a few ounces to 15 pounds. The process begins with a piece of raw steel stock that approximates the shape and size of the desired component.

The steel is heated and placed between the two custom dies and hammered, usually by air-lift, gravity-drop weights, to assume the shape of the pre-cut die profile.

Closed-die forging yields very little scrap and minimizes post-processing, making it an inexpensive and efficient technique. Forging can prolong a component’s life by three to four times. Added strength and longevity means Trenton’s forging services can make a critical difference in your production rates, efficiency and profitability.

Custom Steel Forging

At Trenton Forging, we turn our success into your success. How do we do that? We never forget our commitment to exemplary customer service, fast turnaround times and the best quality custom steel forging available. Our engineers stay current on advanced equipment and technology. Newer, more efficient equipment means faster production and lower cost.

Maintaining our design services, our die-welding and tool-and-die forging operations in-house enables us to reduce overhead and pass the savings on to you.

Our modern, 3D laser scanner makes product development and reverse engineering a breeze. Specialized sensors and light beams calculate thousands of coordinates per second and generate a new version of your product within minutes. In a fraction of the time other processes require, our scanner can replicate the most intricate component designs. Our industrial 3D printer is able to transform your design into a dimensionally precise prototype in just a day or two.

American Forging Company

Trenton has provided operations like yours with the best possible forging services for over five decades. We recommit to our role as an industry pioneer regularly and always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. When we can help our clients succeed, we know we’ve done our job. We hope you will let us show you why Trenton stands above the competition as the first-rate forged-metal producer your unique applications deserve.