Forging Suppliers

forging suppliersSince 1967, US based forging suppliers Trenton Forging has been recognized as a forging manufacturer with integrity, innovation, and quality forged products and services. We employ a highly skilled staff and utilize the latest technologies and techniques to deliver custom forgings that meet our customers’ exact specifications while endeavoring to exceed their expectations.

Our Capabilities

We are proud of our long history of custom industrial forging, dating back over 50 years. Some of our forging services include:

  • Microalloy forging
  • Induction heat
  • Symmetrical & asymmetrical forging
  • Closed impression die forging
  • Pre & post forming

Microalloy Forging

Microalloys are increasingly popular with forging suppliers, particularly in industries where performance, cost savings, and fuel efficiency are valued. Microalloy forging offers flexibility by leveraging the different properties of the alloys for specific applications. Microalloy forging eliminates the need for heat treatments for straightening. However, it may require specialized cooling equipment.

Induction Heat

An induction heater preheats metal to bring it to the right temperature for forming. Induction heating provides a high degree of precision and control when bringing specific parts of a forging back to a malleable temperature. The high degree of precision minimizes mistakes and damage in forging manufacturing.

Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Forging

Symmetrical forging creates parts that are identical on each side of an axis and can be very simple or highly complex. Asymmetrical forging produces parts with features like pockets, protrusions, or cavities. No matter what our customers’ specifications, we can create the ideal forging to tight tolerances.

Closed Impression Die Forging

Impression or closed die forging makes use of a die or mold that is attached to an anvil. The two or more precut dies surround the forging material. The process of forging drops a hammer onto the metal in a series of blows to force the material into the contours of the mold. The hammer may also act as part of the tooling with a unique shape to help form the metal.

Pre & Post Forming

Our preforming capabilities provide a high degree of forming with less heating and reduced cycle time. We also perform post forming procedures such as coining, shot blasting, or heat treatments, among others, to reduce the metal strain from hot forming and refine the grain of the metal for improved finish and performance.

Industrial Forgings

metal forgings suppliers

Trenton Forging has been a leading provider of industrial forgings for a wide variety of industries, from agricultural to defense to recreational vehicles and everything in between. We manufacture products such as:

  • Railroad ties
  • Construction components
  • Tie rods
  • Marine supplies
  • Grain augers
  • Mining supplies
  • Automotive parts
  • And many other standard and custom components

Some of our automotive customers include Ford, Toyota, Hummer, and NASCAR.

With such a diverse customer base, it is vital to provide many types of metal to fit the multitude of applications for which the parts will be used. Stainless steel is the most popular because of its many types and properties.

Stainless steel is mainly carbon and iron. The amount of iron the carbon can absorb determines the steel’s hardness, with higher carbon leading to a more brittle steel.

Types of Steel

Heating and cooling change the crystalline structure of steel, providing different qualities. Ferritic alloys generally have average hardness and strength with some corrosion resistance.

When ferritic alloys are heated to 912 degrees Celsius and have manganese or nickel added, it becomes austenitic steel with the properties of high corrosion resistance and hardness.

When steel is quenched, it creates martensitic steel, with excellent hardness but limited chemical resistance. Some of our stainless steel offerings include:

  • 300 Series — The types of austenitic chromium-nickel alloys included in this series provide improved wear resistance, weldability, and corrosion resistance.
  • 400 Series — The 400 series contains ferritic and martensitic chromium alloys that are easily workable and highly affordable.

Metal Forgings Suppliers

As leading metal forgings suppliers in the USA, our American forging company has over five decades experience providing quality forgings for a wide variety of industries. Specializing in custom forgings, closed impression die forging, stainless steel forging, induction heat, and more, we have the dedication and commitment to guarantee you receive the highest quality forgings possible.

Forging is often the right choice for producing high-quality metal parts and products. If you need high-quality metalworking to produce forgings of any shape or size, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and see how we can help you.