Closed Impression Die Forging

closed impression die forging

If you manufacture armored vehicles or industrial drill rigs, your product depends on the strength and durability of forged metal. The advantages afforded by forging revolutionized manufacturing across industries, from construction and mining to agricultural and auto racing.

Trenton Forging has proudly served as an industry pioneer in quality closed impression die forging for over five decades.

Forged Metal Advantages

Forging significantly increases the strength and structural integrity of raw steel and steel alloys. It also minimizes bubbles and other anomalies that can compromise integrity.

If your industry requires components with complex configurations, such as automobile wheel spindles or a rock-cutting drill bits, you are in the market for specialized forging services.

Closed Die Forging Process

Trenton’s closed die forging process uses hammer-like weights that repeatedly drop and strike a piece of red-hot steel, called a slug. The malleable metal ultimately becomes compressed and reorganized in a stronger form. What distinguishes Trenton’s closed impression die forging from standard forging is the hammer, or weight, used to strike the metal.

Both the upper drop hammer and the base are called dies, which are a type of mold. When the upper weight meets the base platform, they form a mold cavity in the shape of the desired component.

The repeated strikes by the upper die compress the steel until it assumes the shape defined by the opposing die molds. Trenton’s skilled operators maneuver the red-hot steel stock and run the air-lift that raises the die and drops it onto the hot metal below. Closed impression die forging yields minimal scrap and increases the lifespan of the steel by as much as four times.

These cost-saving advantages, combined with the extra durability, can mean better production rates and higher profit for you. When you succeed, we know we’ve succeeded.

Quality Forged Components

For five decades as an innovator in custom industrial forging, Trenton has committed to providing our clients with the best quality forged components and the fastest turnaround times in the marketplace. We hope you will allow us to exceed your expectations and help you find the best forged steel solutions for your unique needs.