Induction Heating

induction heating

At Trenton Forging, we use the latest technologies to craft forging products that are at the pinnacle of longevity, integrity and strength. One way we do this is by specializing in closed impression die forging, but another process we use is induction heat.

Explore the benefits of induction heating and why we use it to create workpieces you can count on and are proud to pass on to your customers or use in your machinery.

Why We Use Induction Heat

Reliable components start with a reliable heat source. While there are many ways to heat a metal bar or billet as you prepare for a forging process, induction heating is one process that we use at Trenton Forging.

We offer diverse heating options for specialized workpieces and forging processes. Compared to furnace heating, induction heat offers a number of benefits for our forging services:

  • Convenient setup
  • Low-cost heating
  • Consistent temperatures
  • Clean energy
  • Easy installation or retrofitting

There are many factors that affect how quickly billets and bars are heated with induction heat, but the process can typically happen faster and more consistently than in a furnace. Closed impression die forging, just like other hot forging processes, the combination of force and temperature allow parts to be molded without creating stress issues or exceeding the recrystallization temperature.

The Forging Process

Induction heating is just one part of our comprehensive forging process. Consistent heating needs a consistent raw metal billet to ensure maximum integrity and long-lasting reliability. Once we procure the right raw materials, we create accurate tooling for our closed impression die forging process.

Intense heat is needed while forging, but it is also used to create the right surface specifications. The heat treatment process can take up to two weeks to complete, after which the forged piece is cleaned, coined or pierced and inspected before shipment.

Forging Services

In addition to induction heating some of the forging services we offer include: closed impression die forging, microalloy forging, symmetrical and asymmetrical forging, and pre & post forming. Contact us today for more details regarding induction heating and how we can assist you with our expert forging services.