Hand straightening

A straightening operation performed on a surface plate to bring a forgingThe process of working metal to a desired shape by impact or pressure in hammers, forging machines (upsetters), presses, rolls, and related forming equipment. within the straightness toleranceThe permissible deviation from a specification for any design characteristic.. Frequently, a bottom dieThe machined recess in a die that gives the forging its shape. from a set of finish(1) The forging operation in which the part is forged into its final shape in the finish die. If only one finish operation is scheduled to be performed in the finish die, this operation will be identified simply as finish; first, second, or third finish designations are so termed when one or more finish operations are to be performed in the same finish die. (2) The surface condition of a forging after machining. (3) The material machined off the surface of a forging to produce the finish machine component.... More diesThe metal blocks into which forging impressions are machined and from which forgings are produced. is used instead of a surface plate. Hand tools used include mallets, sledges, blocks, jacks, and oil gear presses in addition to regular inspection tools.