Hot upset forging

A bulk forming process for enlarging and reshaping some of the cross-sectional area of a barA section hot rolled from a billet to a form, such as round, hexagonal, octagonal, square, or rectangular, with sharp or rounded corners or edges, with a cross-sectional area of less than 16 sq in. (A solid section that is long in relation to its cross-sectional dimensions, having a completely symmetrical cross section and whose width or greatest distance between parallel faces is 3/8 in. or more).... More, tube, or other product form of uniform (usually round) section. It is accomplished by holding the heated forging stockA wrought rod, bar, or other section suitable for subsequent change in cross section by forging. between grooved diesThe metal blocks into which forging impressions are machined and from which forgings are produced. and applying pressure to the end of the stockThe material to be forged regardless of form. Also, an individual piece of metal used to produce a single forging., in the direction of its axis, by the use of a headingThe upsetting of wire, rod, or bar stock in dies to form parts that usually contain portions that are greater in cross-sectional area than the original wire, rod, or bar. tool, which spreads (upsets) the end by metal displacement. Also called hot heading or hot upsetting. See also Heading and Upsetting.