Sow block

A blockThe forging operation in which metal is progressively formed to general desired shape and contour by means of an impression die (used when only one block operation is scheduled). of heat-treated steel placed between a hammerA machine that applies a sharp blow to the work area through the fall of a ram onto an anvil. The ram can be driven by gravity or power. See also Gravity Hammer and Power-Driven Hammer. anvil and a forgingThe process of working metal to a desired shape by impact or pressure in hammers, forging machines (upsetters), presses, rolls, and related forming equipment. dieThe machined recess in a die that gives the forging its shape. to prevent undue wear to the anvil. Sow blocks are occasionally used to hold insertA piece of steel that is tightly fixed in a die. The insert may be used to fill a cavity, to replace a portion of the die with a grade of steel that is better suited for service at that point, or to function as a small die with the impression fastened to a master die.... More diesThe metal blocks into which forging impressions are machined and from which forgings are produced.. Also called Anvil cap.