Industrial Forging

industrial forgingIndustrial forging using steel, stainless, and steel alloys from one-tenth of a pound up to 15 pounds is the backbone of our business. Since 1967, Trenton Forging has built a reputation as one of the leading forging companies in the USA by focusing on innovation, adaptability and responsiveness to our customers’ needs.

We know that earning our clients’ trust takes working with integrity, quality and urgency to deliver above and beyond their expectations, and we approach every project with that mindset.

Our Capabilities

Industrial forging is much more than merely hammering out a metal part. We stay on top of cutting-edge technology to bring the most value possible to our customers. Our highly-skilled staff of technicians leverages their expertise in current techniques combined with modern machinery to ensure that you get the best forging for your application.

Our capabilities include:

  • 3D printing – From your concept drawing to an accurate prototype in only one to two days is possible with our 3D printing capability. Even complex geometries and tolerances up to 0.004″ for each axis can be produced quickly and accurately so that you can have a tangible example of your concept before forging.
  • 3D laser scanning – With 3D laser scanning, we take the guesswork out of reverse engineering and replicating complex three-dimensional surfaces with or without contact in just minutes.
  • Die welding – Our in-house capabilities to develop and produce tooling provide additional benefits to you by reducing time, cost and waste.
  • Machining – No matter your project, we can either machine the parts in our facility or leverage one of our many partnerships to satisfy your machining requirements. We not only take the headache out of finding a machining supplier but by managing the end-to-end process, we can also leverage the right forging for downstream operations.
  • >Quality – We are proud to have earned a reputation for one of the preeminent forging companies in the USA by continually improving our quality standards for industrial forging. Our ISO 9001:2015 status is just another way you can be assured that your forged products are produced to meet the most stringent quality standards.
  • Engineering – Trenton’s team of engineers will take your design and enhance it to reach its full potential before creating an as forged 3D CAD model for your approval.
  • Tooling – Our in-house tool and die facility is running non-stop, providing creating tools. Up to 350 new dies and 250 re-sinks are manufactured every year to save you time to market by ensuring we have everything ready to forge your product when you need it.
  • Forging – With our method of closed-impression die forging, heated steel is forced between two custom-machined dies that allow the metal to take the shape of the voids. This methodology produces a forged part that needs minimal post-processing to complete the process. The resulting part is not only cost-effective, but it has superior strength and improved longevity.

forging companies in the USA

Industries Served

At Trenton Forging, we are proud to serve a vast array of industries, including:

  • Agricultural
  • Architectural/construction
  • Automotive
  • Commercial truck/trailer
  • Defense: military / firearms
  • Marine
  • Mining/forestry
  • Power transmission/drivetrain
  • Racing/performance
  • Railroad
  • Recreational vehicles

While we produce products for many industries, a couple of them may come as a surprise. While you wouldn’t automatically expect industrial forging to be in high demand for the racing industry, Trenton Forging can dispel that misconception. We are proud to be the top producer of American-made performance connecting rods used in NASCAR, offshore boat racing, off-road, NHRA, and more.

Forging Companies in the USA

We are one of the only closed die forging companies in the USA to produce products for the agricultural industry. Tractors, combines, backhoes and other equipment need strong, dependable parts to work the terrain and to plant and harvest crops. We provide a variety of parts from blade applicators to seed tubes to carbide bits to grain augers and more.