Architectural / Construction

The sky’s the limit when it comes to Trenton Forging’s architectural and construction capabilities. Our mission is to cultivate innovative solutions to unique challenges in constructing buildings, skyscrapers, geodesic domes, and other architectural needs. We even supply specialty hand tools to the tradespeople who build these structures. 

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Forgings We Produce for the Construction Industry

  • Asphalt Cutters
  • C-Clips
  • Clevises
  • Double Hooks
  • Edger Shafts
  • Eye Bolts
  • Eye Rods
  • Eye Stems
  • Geodesic Dome Cone
  • Latches
  • Lock Connectors
  • Mold Pins
  • Precast Concrete Connectors
  • Rigging Hooks
  • Shaft Tubes
  • Spherical Washers
  • Stub Shafts
  • Wall Anchors
  • Bridge Lug
  • Chain Links
  • Closed Links
  • Drag Links
  • Extension Links
  • Flail Forgings
  • Hammer Billets
  • Locking Wedge
  • Nippers
  • Rebar Connecting Tabs
  • Rod Ends
  • Shackle Bales
  • Side Plate Nuts
  • Spreaders
  • Truss Rods
  • Yokes

Our Capabilities


  • Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Forgings
  • Impression Die Forging
  • Press Forging
  • Pre- & Post-Forming
  • Induction Heating
  • 3D Prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Custom Tooling
  • Resinks
  • Machining

What to Expect From Our Forging Process

Trenton Forging specializes in impression die forging and can create a wide array of symmetrical and asymmetrical forgings from steel, stainless steel, and steel alloys. Our forging press, from start to finish, includes:

  1. Custom Tooling Creation: We first engineer custom dies, or tooling, which is used to shape the final component. These dies are developed based on blueprints, CAD models, and other information you provide. Sample forgings and custom dies can be produced within two to three weeks. The timeline will vary based on the complexity of the order.
  2. Raw Material Acquisition: After you approve the final design of your custom tooling, we’ll contact one of our steel mills and order raw materials in the correct grade and diameter. When we receive the raw material, we’ll use our CNC cold saws to cut them into billets.
  3. Preheating & Preform: The billets are then heated to a predetermined temperature and shaped (preformed)until they fit into your custom tooling. We use an induction heating unit during preheating process to reduce waste heat. 
  4. Forging: After the billets are preformed, we use our forging press or air-lift, gravity-drop hammers to compress the preforms until your final forgings are produced. This part of our process usually takes one to three days but will vary based on the volume of the order and the complexity of the forgings we produce for you. 
  5. Shot Blast Cleaning: Your forgings will go through a final finishing process where we remove the flashing, cool them in a controlled environment, remove scale, and clean the part’s surface via shot blasting. The finishing process generally takes one day unless the application requires heat treatments.
  6. Quality Assurance: As an ISO-certified forging company, we focus on quality at every step. Before we ship your forgings, we provide comprehensive hand inspections, digital inspections, or magnetic particle inspections, depending on application requirements.

Our entire forging process takes several weeks, but the timeline will vary based on the complexity and volume of parts we produce. When you request a quote, we’ll provide our best timeline estimate.

Why Work With Trenton Forging?

Founded in 1967, Trenton Forging is an American forging manufacturer that produces high-quality steel, steel alloy, and stainless steel forgings for clients in many industries, including construction/architectural.

Since our founding, we’ve been committed to quality, innovation, and customer support. We hold and maintain an ISO 9001 certification, continually update and improve our processes to ensure we always meet and exceed customer expectations, and provide some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. You can trust us to produce the durable and reliable forgings you need.

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Trenton Forging Company sets the SBQ “Bar” in a customer & supplier relationship! Mark Candy / VP Sales
Eaton Steel Bar Company
From sales to customer service, Trenton Forging always displays the highest level of integrity, and has earned our highest level of trust. Thank you for helping CP-Carrillo succeed in our business for over 55 years. Cindy Verkooij / Director of Sales and Marketing
Working with Trenton Forging, I learned that “no” was not in their vocabulary. No matter how challenging a part seemed to be, they went the extra mile to think out of the box in order to find ways to forge that product. Not only did they find a solution, but they did it in a timely manner. James W. Barnthouse
Century Sun Metal Treating
Quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing: Trenton Forging Company’s consistency meets (and exceeds) these desired requirements of a good supplier. Additionally, Trenton Forging is innovative, and believes in partnering with their customers. Rich Weis
Federal Mogul
We are very proud to have partnered exclusively with Trenton Forging for our Ultra Connecting Rod Forgings. The service we get is top notch, communications are open and honest, and the parts are of exceptional quality and deliver on time. Really couldn’t ask for a better supplier! Keep that bar set high my friends. Laurie Fitzwater / Operations Manager
Callies Performance Products/Aviation Mfg.
Trenton Forging Company is a leader in their industry, and a textbook example of dedication and commitment to their family, employees, customers, suppliers and community. Gary Goodman / CEO
Eaton Steel Bar Company