We take pride in offering an exceptional variety of capabilities to provide you with the perfect forged steel components for each project.

We are in constant pursuit of the best processes and newest technologies, allowing us to offer a “one-stop-shop” type of experience for our customers while maintaining an unsurpassed level of quality. To learn more about our capabilities, or for a quote, call us at (734) 672-3732 or contact us today!


Whether in-house or as an outside process, we have both the infrastructure internally, or partnerships externally, to complete each project’s machining requirements. Allowing us to take on this responsibility not only saves our customers the time and effort of finding the perfect machining supplier, but can also greatly reduce machine-time, lower the cost of consumables, materials, and initial fixture investments by letting us design the forging to best fit subsequent processes. We’ve got you covered!


Trenton Forging Company is bound to our commitment of quality and strive for perfection. We take great pride in our ISO 9001:2015 status; in fact, we’re known for our groundbreaking quality standards industry-wide. Trenton Forging fully understands that any wavering from this promise of the highest quality to our customers is not only unethical, but frankly, is also bad business. Maintaining this mentality from the start is how we’ve been able to secure customer relationships that have lasted the duration of our 50+ years in operation.
FARO 3D Laser Scanning
TF Engineering


After submitting your initial drawings, our team gets to work by enhancing them, creating as-forged 3D CAD models, and returns them back to you for approval. Utilizing programs such as Solid Works, AutoCAD, and Creo Elements (Pro E) helps us to do just that.

No drawings? No problem! We even offer a reverse engineering process. We take pride in upgrading your design to its fullest potential.


To ensure we always deliver our promise of the fastest product-to-market timeline in the industry, Trenton Forging has implemented a major competitive advantage: an in-house tool and die facility. What does this mean for our customers? Simply put: even when our team has gone home for the day, our machines are still at work, creating tools – producing up to 30 new part numbers and 450 re-sinks annually. This, along with our many other technologies, ensures that we exceed your every expectation.
Forging manufacturing
Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

Using advanced laser scanning technology, we have added the impressive capability of being able to verify and replicate three-dimensional surfaces on your part in just moments, both with and without contact. This means that even the most complex of parts aren’t too difficult for us to handle and opens up a world of possibilities for part development and reverse engineering. It’s just one more way that we can ensure world-class forged products for our customers.

Die Welding

Our perpetual desire to make ourselves a one-stop-shop continues with the addition of our die welding facility. The benefits to customers reach far beyond the need for additional outside processing or the cost of virgin tooling material: turnaround times shrink, costs lower significantly, and waste is greatly reduced. Tooling is now developed, made, used in (and rarely leaves) our facility. It’s just one more way we ensure that our customers get the highest quality, yet most cost-effective products.
Die Welding