Defense: Military / Firearms

Being an American owned and operated company, our sense of patriotism runs deep. We do not take a single freedom provided to us for granted, and that’s why Trenton Forging Company takes great pride in doing our part to protect freedom’s most valuable asset: our men and women serving on the front lines. One way we do that is by supplying a variety of defense and military equipment: whether forged parts for mine-resistant vehicles or military-grade firearm components, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that each part is capable of withstanding the conditions of war.

  • 1911 Frame
  • Armored Vehicle Hinges
  • Bolt Body
  • Bolt Carrier
  • Charging Handle
  • Front Block
  • Gas Hole Bushing
  • Iron Sights
  • Operating Rod Guide
  • Pistol Frame
  • Piston Rod Extension
  • Step Bolt
  • 1911 Slide
  • Belt Feed Lever
  • Bolt Breech
  • Bottom Plate
  • Deck Fittings
  • Gas Cylinder
  • Gas Tube
  • Locking Lever
  • Pistol Barrel
  • Pistol Slide
  • Revolver Body
  • Trunnion

Trenton Forging Company relishes in the ability to share that same level of dependability for non-military firearm customers as well. Submit your RFQs, drawings or ideas below, and let’s get to work.

Quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing: Trenton Forging Company’s consistency meets (and exceeds) these desired requirements of a good supplier. Additionally, Trenton Forging is innovative, and believes in partnering with their customers. Rich Weis
Federal Mogul
Trenton Forging Company is a leader in their industry, and a textbook example of dedication and commitment to their family, employees, customers, suppliers and community. Gary Goodman / CEO
Eaton Steel Bar Company
We are very proud to have partnered exclusively with Trenton Forging for our Ultra Connecting Rod Forgings. The service we get is top notch, communications are open and honest, and the parts are of exceptional quality and deliver on time. Really couldn’t ask for a better supplier! Keep that bar set high my friends. Laurie Fitzwater / Operations Manager
Callies Performance Products/Aviation Mfg.
From sales to customer service, Trenton Forging always displays the highest level of integrity, and has earned our highest level of trust. Thank you for helping CP-Carrillo succeed in our business for over 55 years. Cindy Verkooij / Director of Sales and Marketing
Working with Trenton Forging, I learned that “no” was not in their vocabulary. No matter how challenging a part seemed to be, they went the extra mile to think out of the box in order to find ways to forge that product. Not only did they find a solution, but they did it in a timely manner. James W. Barnthouse
Century Sun Metal Treating
Trenton Forging Company sets the SBQ “Bar” in a customer & supplier relationship! Mark Candy / VP Sales
Eaton Steel Bar Company