Making Our Values Match Our Vision: Trenton Forging Gets Web Refresh


Innovation is embedded in our company’s DNA.
“It was time our online presence looked the part.”

At Trenton Forging Company, we take great pride in upholding our reputation of being one of the most revolutionary forging suppliers industry-wide. Our focus has always been on quality, flexible operations, continuous improvement, and willingness to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers. Unfortunately, our prior web presence simply did not reflect those characteristics.

No longer. Dedicated Trenton Forging team members banded together to create an impressive, informative and clean website. Dane Moxlow, Marketing and Process Improvement, states:

“Trenton Forging has always been on the cutting edge of manufacturing techniques and technologies. These tendencies make us a world-class operation; it was time our online presence looked the part.”

We didn’t just want to look the part, though. We know the importance of creating a functional website with logical navigation. This is the biggest change that users can expect to notice. Moxlow continues:

“The new site and its user interface should make [Trenton Forging] easier to find, and easier for potential and existing customers to request quotes. This should streamline work on both sides of that transaction and reduce the workload associate with getting new products to market.”

Trenton Forging Company’s marketing team had a vision for what the website could be, but we couldn’t do it alone. Enter: Basso Design Group.

Partnering up with excellence.
“Intelligent strategy, compelling messaging and captivating design, hand-crafted to grow brands.”

It was important to us that we find a notable local company to help us bring our unique concepts to fruition. After a bit of research, Basso Design Group seemed like the only logical choice.

Basso Design Group, based out of Troy, Michigan, is an award-winning branding and digital marketing agency, with over fifteen years of web design, marketing, and strategy under their belt. Their mission to “provoke brand obsession that stimulates customers to engage” was all it took for us to jump on board. Moxlow adds:

“[Basso Design Group is] a small enough group of professionals that we still got the feeling of being their first priority, but large enough to tout an impressive portfolio utilizing the latest and greatest in web-design and development.”

He’s not wrong. Basso Design Group has grown over 1,000 brands and has won over 50 prestigious awards. Their intimate team of brand ambassadors work around-the-clock to deliver companies like ours the results they so desperately need:

“Today, Basso Design Group continues to innovate and build brands that express a differentiating promise in ways that are clear, authentic and meaningful. We focus on driving results and building brand loyalty to attract, convert and retain customers.”

The website is live: what’s next?
“This is just the first step in showing the world what Trenton Forging is made of.”

Confident that our new website will satisfy the dynamic sales needs of our customers, it begs the question: what does Trenton Forging hope to achieve next with this world-class web platform?

More effective communication and engagement with clients, for one. The concise contact forms, readily available documents and contracts, and a wealth of information on our processes will prove invaluable, and hopefully, drive sales. Our goal is to increase our annual revenue to over $34 million in the near future; these resources should be helpful in pushing us into that next level.

We’re striving to deepen the roots of our familial company culture, as well. With the addition of an employee portal, each team member will have access to a plethora of resources: from company calendars, to online training resources – even monthly bulletins with health and safety tips, including recipes to print off.

Jenna Jones, a Marketing Specialist at Trenton Forging, closes by saying:

“A website shouldn’t just be a place to find a company’s phone number and address. It should be an experience for everyone involved. I’m confident that we teamed up with the very best in Basso Design Group, and have created a web presence that sets us light-years apart from our competition. This is just the first step in us showing the world what Trenton Forging Company is made of.”