Office Goes Red: Sparking Creativity in Engineering


The infamous Marie Kondo of Tidying Up on Netflix has the world asking themselves of their favorite items, spaces and places, “Does this spark joy?”  We’ve taken it another step further at our manufacturing facility: Does this spark creativity? Focus? Alertness? Within our engineering office specifically, we can now confidently answer, “YES.”

Thanks to the help of a simple coat of paint, we’ve completely transformed the frontlines of our forging operation. Our talented team of engineers each work on a myriad of projects that help ensure the success of each forging project from the very beginning. The level of skill, focus, and creativity to create the very best forging solutions is significant.

For this reason, we knew that our engineers deserved an inviting and warm workspace. When it came time to renovate, choosing the color red for an accent wall seemed like an obvious choice; after all, it is a primary color in our company’s branding. In future months, we’ll be focusing on company-wide internal branding. This seemed like an obvious first step in that direction.

You may be as surprised as we were, however, to learn that the color red has physical and mental benefits, too! Red, a stimulator, has been proven to increase heart rate, raise oxygen levels, and promote alertness and focus. For this reason, scientists say that small pops of the color are incredibly beneficial for office spaces which require both physical activity and mental sharpness. What better color for an accent wall within an engineering office of a forging plant?

The engineering team has been impressed with the renovation thus far; the red wall really makes a bold statement. We hope that, in time, they can each provide us with feedback on whether the science behind the color red holds true for each of them.

As we continue to uphold our promise to our customers that we will always adapt, change, and respond to their needs, we hope this is yet another small, creative way to do just that!

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