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Trenton Forging Holds Largest Plant Tour to Date, Showcases Manufacturing in Metro Detroit

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For Immediate Release:

On the afternoon of Tuesday, August 20, 2019, Trenton Forging Company opened its doors to over 80 guests taking part in the Forging Industry Association’s “Automation 101 Workshop & Plant Tour”.

The guests, who came from all over North America to tour forging facilities, made their first stop on the Automation Tour to see what Trenton Forging offers to set themselves apart in the forging industry. Divided into small groups, each person was able to see the entire forging process from start to finish. They spoke with multiple processing capability professionals throughout the duration of the tour, followed by a group-wide Q&A session. At the end of the session, the Forging Industry Association awarded Trenton Forging Company with an Award of Appreciation for their part in what is sure to be remembered as a successful 2019 Automation 101 Workshop.

Trenton Forging Company would like to thank each guest for attending, as well as the Forging Industry Association for the opportunity to network with and learn alongside other forging industry professionals. Most importantly, Trenton Forging would like to thank their hardworking team, who all came together to make this event such a huge success.

To learn more about the Forging Industry Association:

Michigan-based Trenton Forging is a leading producer of custom impression die forgings for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, mining, military and agriculture. Trenton Forging has the distinction of being one of the first companies of any kind worldwide to be certified QS9000, and the first closed-impression die forging company in the world certified QS9000/ISO9002. To request a quote, fill out the form and upload your specifications to


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