“Can I Buy Forgings, or Forged Parts, from Trenton Forging?”


We understand that the purchasing process can be convoluted and confusing, especially for such a specialized service like producing forgings, so we’re here to help. By posing questions we often receive, like “how do I buy forgings?”, we hope to inform our valued existing customers, as well as to aid those still exploring the marketplace. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive other helpful tips and information relating to the forging industry in the future!


At Trenton Forging, we are often asked:

“Where can I buy a forging? Can you buy forgings? Does Trenton Forging sell forgings?”


“I see you produce military or firearms forgings; can I buy one of your parts?”

To wrap up the answer to all of those questions in one sentence: Trenton Forging is the leading producer of custom closed-impression die forgings, available for virtually every industry.

Taking that a step further, we produce custom forgings on a customer-by-customer basis, and do not share tooling between them; therefore, there are no commodity-type products on our shelves for sale. We provide a service that allows our customers to provide (or sell) their finished products that contain or are made from a forging.

We take pride in producing the highest quality forgings in the shortest amount of time! Whether you’re ready for us to quote a project for your specific application design, or would like our highly-skilled engineering team to bring your idea to life, Trenton Forging is ready to take on the challenge.

To begin, simply fill out our RFQ form here. We look forward to working with you soon!