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Are you able to “read the room” and accurately assess the interest and engagement level of those present? Do you know the impact that your mere presence has on their level of interest and engagement?

Do you show that you care about others beyond what you need them to do for you? Do you see yourself as others see you?

We all have an impact on people, and to better understand our impact it’s especially helpful if we’re able to see ourselves as others see us.

Persona is defined as, “the aspect of someone’s character that is presented to, or perceived by others.”

Personality is defined as, “one’s combination of emotion, attitude, and behavioral patterns.”

Does the combination of your personality and persona tend to draw others in and build them up, or do you tend to push people away?

Decades of studies show that those who are self-aware, who take the time to be introspective and behave in a way that draws people in and builds them up are practicing REAL leadership: leadership rooted in trust and respect.

If trust is the “foundation of leadership” (John Maxwell), then respect is the “binding adhesive” of relationships. Without it, there is little interest in doing more than what is minimally required, and certainly no interest in giving any discretionary effort… you know — that extra effort we hold in reserve for those we absolutely trust and respect – those transformational “other-focused” leaders.  

Leaders create an air of confidence in people (or groups of people) that will inspire them to realize their fullest potential or achieve a common goal.

Leadership always has been, and always will be, a contact sport; we lead others through our contact with them. Contact is a compilation of email, text messages, 1:1 conversation, group/team interaction, and one’s body language in all situations.

If others are inspired, motivated, stimulated and positively influenced by your interaction, your contact, then you’re practicing transformational, “other-focused” leadership.

You’re creating a more capable organization.

“Everyday people leave work either more motivated, or less motivated, to come back the next day. What makes the difference? Whatever happened to them that day.” Give to Get Leadership – The Secret of the Hidden Paycheck, Huseman – Hayes.

Practice introspection and take a personal inventory of how you impact others. Reach out to your small circle of friends or colleagues who you know will tell it to you straight when seeking their perspective on how you impact people. Ask for specific examples to ensure you get the full context of their perspective, and remember, “The way to get anywhere is to start from where you are.”


transformational; organization; leadership; Phil HendersonPhil Henderson is a former Regional VP of Manufacturing Operations at Harland Clarke Holdings. He is as a Designer of Self-Directed, Team-Based Work Systems in manufacturing environments over the course of 26 years. He served 8 years as an Air Traffic Controller and Officer in the US Army, and with distinction as a Captain in the First Gulf War. He currently provides leadership development and self-directed work team design assistance to Trenton Forging. For inquiries, Phil may be reached at (210) 316-3212 or at pizzobe@yahoo.com