Changing Cancer: A Theta Living Seminar


It’s no secret that we value our employees at Trenton Forging Company, including their health and wellness. Our sense of responsibility to empower our employees to take control of their wellness extends beyond the scope of standard health benefits; we want to help them learn about and make the best decisions for their body!

By the year 2020, 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer. It’s time to start asking questions and doing all that we can to prevent this horrible disease. Stephanie McKeith, the founder of Thetha Living and workplace wellness specialist, will be allowing employees to do just that. In preparation for our in-house seminar on March 27th at 4pm, we asked Stephanie a few questions to give everyone an idea of what to expect during the presentation.




1. What is the mission of Theta Living?
Theta Living is on a mission to create a movement of people who are ready to take responsibility for their health, NOW! We have been a passive-reactive population for far too long; managing symptoms will never result in health. We are here to help people understand how health and disease work, namely cancer, and to remove all causes of illness – physical and emotional. Taking the taboo from Cannabis/CBD to help people find their best health is a large part of our work as well.

2. How did you begin cancer coaching?
I was in school for physical therapy and my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. We had zero guidance on how he should eat, do/not do, and what therapies could benefit his survival. This set me on a path to discover a whole new world and [the] process of treating cancer.

3. In one sentence, what do you wish people knew about cancer?
Cancer is NOT a death sentence, you have options for treatment and they don’t have to make you sicker.

4. What can employees expect to learn during the Change Cancer seminar?
We will talk about what cancer really is, what it isn’t, what fuels it and what fixes it!

5. If someone wanted to take the next step in being proactive about their health through Theta Living, where can they go to learn more? What is the best way to schedule an appointment or reach you?
I highly recommend giving us a call to schedule a time to come in for a meet and greet. This will give us the opportunity to get to know your current health status, as well as goals and pair you with the most appropriate path to YOUR wellness. There is so much information out in the world today, we hope to take that overwhelm and confusion out by just starting with what is best for you, TODAY! 734-285-5020.


If Trenton Forging Company team members have any further questions about this presentation, please see Cameron in Human Resources for details.