Forging Companies in the USA

forging companies in USAWe are proud to be an American-owned and -operated business. A commitment to integrity, trust, innovation and urgency has kept our forging company competitive in an ever-changing industry since we opened our doors in 1967.

With increasing offshoring in the manufacturing sector, how does a half-century-old-plus organization keep beating out other forging companies in the USA and internationally? It starts with our core service: custom forging.

Using a Better Kind of Forging

We use a closed die forging process, powered by air-lift gravity-drop hammers. This is a near-net method, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Maximum raw-material strength preservation (or even strength improvement)
  • Longevity and integrity
  • Engineered grain structures
  • Much lower scrap costs
  • Elimination of most post-forge processing

Making the Most of Materials

All of the materials we work with, including steel, stainless steel and steel alloys, have specific grain structures in billet form. These structures improve the strength and durability of the raw material.

Our forging process preserves or enhances the grain of the metals we forge. That’s in contrast to many other types of manufacturing methods, such as casting or fabrication.

This is a major advantage over subtractive methods, such as billet machining. Essentially, our process heats the steel and presses it into the necessary form, keeping or improving the internal structure from when the metal was drawn.

Meeting Specifications — Exceeding Expectations

Precision and reliability are other reasons for the success of forging companies in the USA in an increasingly global market. Our specialized manufacturing process gives us the ability to offer a wide range of options to our clients:
industrial forging

  • Cross-sections 2 7/8″ and below
  • Radius options down to .06″
  • Down to 7-degree draft angles
  • Product weight from 1/10 to 15 lb.
  • Up to 24″ lengths

Our skilled technicians are also experts in various procedures that complement or refine our forging services. These include engineering, machining, 3-D laser scanning, welding, tool designing and die making. On top of all that, make it our business to meet and exceed international standards, such as ISO9001:2015.

Precision and range of operations give us the flexibility to accept nearly any type of forging contract —no matter how urgent — and to complete our agreements. We put our clients first, deliver on our promises and do the job right.

Providing Complete Accountability

People appreciate working with forging companies in the USA for the level of accountability we provide. All of the information we can share about timelines, sources, processes and milestones is at our clients’ disposal.
We are proud of what we do. We’re proud of who we are. Our goal is to exceed your wildest expectations, and we’re more than happy to share exactly how we do it.

Supporting The American Economy

We’ve been through some tough times. Our company has weathered recessions and market shifts by focusing on using the best technology and developing a highly trained workforce.

We believe that forging companies in the USA are one of the key elements to a healthy American economy. We are major proponents of the trend of reshoring manufacturing: a push to restore high-paying industrial jobs in our country. There are many benefits to going American:
• Lower risk across multiple factors including IP, stability and innovation
• More favorable profit and loss impact compared to offshoring
• Skill improvement in the local workforce
• Market advantage through made-in-America preference in many B2B and B2C consumer sectors

It’s not all macroeconomics. We also contribute to community improvement through partnerships with foundations and non-profit organizations, addressing issues from pediatric cancer to veterans’ support.

Working with forging companies in the USA gives organizations lower risk, better accountability, stronger communities, faster turnaround times and higher quality than offshore options. It just makes sense to choose local business.