Guardian Group Empowers Trenton Forging to Fight Against Sex Trafficking


At Trenton Forging, we don’t believe that geographic location or social circles define a “community.” We believe that our community is humanity itself, and that each person has a duty to empower, teach, and serve one another. For this reason, we partner with some of the finest organizations, foundations, and charities to do just that; most recently, with Guardian Group. A team of military special operations, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals, Guardian Group’s mission is to eradicate sex trafficking in the United States by preventing and disrupting the trafficking. Additionally, they work to empower and enable their partners to effectively identify victims and predators alike.

In order to support their efforts to bring the fight to sex trafficking, Trenton Forging hosted a 30-minute seminar with featured speaker Gina Williams (Development Director) of Guardian Group. This event was open to all TFC employees as well as local law enforcement. The turnout was huge, with even the Deputy Chief of the Grosse Ile Police Department in attendance. The feedback was incredibly validating and encouraging: there were dozens of questions about the best ways to educate friends and family and a radiating enthusiasm to make a difference in the metro Detroit area.

Trenton Forging Company is immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to host and learn from Gina, and for her willingness to travel cross-country to share her wealth of knowledge about the dangers and prevalence of sex trafficking in our country and home state.

Guardian Group SeminarGuardian Group Seminar

To learn more about sex trafficking or how you can do your part to fight back, visit Guardian Group’s website at:

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