Wildfires Rage On; How Do We Help?

Wildfires in California continue to rage on, and we have become increasingly introspective at Trenton Forging Company.  We want to ensure we’re doing all that we can to help those affected. Outside of donating money, we are grateful to be able to produce components for the most effective firefighting tools that exist.

One company that we work with to produce such components and tools is Dragonslayers™; a wildfire tool company manufacturing and selling the highest quality and most durable fire-fighting tools. These compact and thoughtfully engineered tools replace traditional wildfire tools, centuries old, which are still used by the vast majority of firefighters today. These new tools are safer and more ergonomic, responsive, effective, and fully American-made.

Among the multitude of incredibly cutting-edge products that Dragsonslayers™ has developed, we’d more specifically like to introduce you to the “Bonnie Hammer.” The tool is comprised of two main components: a universal handle and a forged steel “slam hammer.” This tool head, with a 5” grub hoe blade on one side and a steel wedge head on the other, is forged by Trenton Forging Company. The Bonnie Hammer is made for tree fellers who desired a combination tool to drive felling wedges and for grubbing line (which means digging a trench meant to stop a fire in its tracks).

With the deadliest wildfires in American history still raging on, we’re grateful to have the opportunity to be doing our part to produce the tools to help properly equip and protect the brave men and women fighting the fires. Our job as a company, and all of us as a country, does not stop there, however. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been displaced, over one thousand missing, and over 70 confirmed dead. The desire to help can be coupled with questions – to whom do I choose to donate? How are my funds being allocated? Am I really making a difference? We’ve found a helpful article from the New York Times that breaks down those questions, provides clarity, and includes a list of meaningful ways to make a difference: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/16/us/california-fire-missing-list.html?module=inline

On behalf of Trenton Forging Company, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, the families, volunteers, and the firefighters of California.  Our continued support is with you.