About Us

Integrity. Trust. Innovation. Urgency. These are just a few core values that have pulsed through the veins of Trenton Forging Company since its inception in 1967 by George S. Moxlow. Our successful steel forging business operation and reputation have been built on the most progressive of mindsets, which stoke the fire within each team member to provide each customer with superior quality – in both product and service.

The ability to adapt, change, and respond to the needs of these customers with the quickest turnaround time is what continues to set us apart. Our American forging company promises to continue to push the limits of our technologies, our team, and to let our customers reap the rewards.


Since our beginnings in 1967, we have been innovative leaders in the forging industry due to our expert forging services and ability to provide businesses with quality custom forgings with an outstanding turnaround time. Our highly skilled staff uses a multitude of advanced technological resources and machinery to create the perfect forgings while thoroughly communicating with you to ensure your specifications are met.


Our skilled team uses a variety of machine tools and technological resources to provide you with the perfect steel forged components for your projects. Our capabilities include:

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Our Journey

Forging manufacturing

Founded in 1967

  • TFC was formed on a Greenfield site that was formerly a small farm on the south end of Trenton, MI by a small group of stakeholders that included family members and employees of the then-defunct, Michigan Forging Company.
  • The original plant, a 60 x 100 steel-frame structure housed two used CECO Drop Hammers, brick-lined forging furnaces, a shearing press, one coin press, and two trim presses. It was built utilizing re-purposed wire and electrical fixtures, used lumber for concrete forms, and used light fixtures. Nothing was new. Even nails were straightened and re-used. Many of the employees worked other jobs and came to Trenton to work a second shift.


In the early 80’s

  • Sales reached $2.3 million with approximately 20 employees. A third hammer was brought online as we utilized and developed 16th century British glassmaking technology for building regenerative gas fired forge furnaces with state-of-the-art fuel efficiency.


1987 – 1999

  • Sales plummeted to $600,000 and 6 employees remained. An alliance with a larger forging company in Lansing, MI aided sales and broadened markets for Trenton. We persevered with financial support from family members. By 1992, those loans were paid-in-full and all outlying shares had been reacquired.
  • Sales climbed to $8.5 million by 1995 with the addition of two more hammers.
  • The following year, Trenton became the first forging company worldwide to attain a QS9000 Quality Standard Registration and the 104th in any industry to ever reach this milestone.
  • 1996 also brought the conversion to induction heating. Then, the cost of electricity in Michigan was significantly higher than was allowed to our out-of-state competition. Trenton turned to generating its own off-grid power using five natural gas powered V16 engine-driven generators and natural gas engine-driven air compressors to run our hammers.
  • Sales shot to 12.5 million the following year as the automotive industry clambered to find QS9000 forging suppliers.


In 2000

  • We broke ground on our new toolmaking facility, utilizing the latest high-speed machining centers to create all of our tooling in-house.


April 24th, 2008

  • Marked the passing of Founder, George S. Moxlow. He is remembered for his mechanical creativity and being the driving force behind the small group of regular men that started the great Trenton Forging Company that thrives today.


June 2008

  • With natural gas pricing hitting historic highs, Trenton shut down its powerhouse and brought in 28,000-volt primary power using Trenton’s own electrical substation to supply the plant.


December 2008

  • With steel pricing at the highest point in history and a worldwide financial collapse, Trenton’s workforce plummeted from 110 to just 30 employees. Tactical business adjustments were implemented and profitability was restored by January of 2009. Employment grew to 60 by the end of February.



  • Brought continued expansion of the tooling facility, creation of a new maintenance facility and a continuing education center for employees.



  • We continue to upgrade equipment and adopt new advanced technologies in our process. Our sales continue at $24 million as we prepare for our push to $36 million in sales.
Trenton Forging Company is a leader in their industry, and a textbook example of dedication and commitment to their family, employees, customers, suppliers and community. Gary Goodman / CEO
Eaton Steel Bar Company
From sales to customer service, Trenton Forging always displays the highest level of integrity, and has earned our highest level of trust. Thank you for helping CP-Carrillo succeed in our business for over 55 years. Cindy Verkooij / Director of Sales and Marketing
We are very proud to have partnered exclusively with Trenton Forging for our Ultra Connecting Rod Forgings. The service we get is top notch, communications are open and honest, and the parts are of exceptional quality and deliver on time. Really couldn’t ask for a better supplier! Keep that bar set high my friends. Laurie Fitzwater / Operations Manager
Callies Performance Products/Aviation Mfg.
Working with Trenton Forging, I learned that “no” was not in their vocabulary. No matter how challenging a part seemed to be, they went the extra mile to think out of the box in order to find ways to forge that product. Not only did they find a solution, but they did it in a timely manner. James W. Barnthouse
Century Sun Metal Treating
Trenton Forging Company sets the SBQ “Bar” in a customer & supplier relationship! Mark Candy / VP Sales
Eaton Steel Bar Company
Quality, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing: Trenton Forging Company’s consistency meets (and exceeds) these desired requirements of a good supplier. Additionally, Trenton Forging is innovative, and believes in partnering with their customers. Rich Weis
Federal Mogul