Trenton Forging Expands Its Operations with Fully Automated Press Forging Line


Trenton Forging Company (Trenton, MI) is pleased to announce that it is expanding its forging operation, positioning the company to better serve existing and new customers. Trenton is erecting a new facility on its existing campus that will house three state-of-the-art, fully automated 2500T press forging lines.  The first line will be operational in March 2022, with the next two to phase in and be complete no later than 2026.

“For over 50 years, we have relied on air-lift, gravity-drop hammer technology to manufacture steel forgings for a variety of industries,” says Dane Moxlow, Vice President. “As our industry faces ever-increasing competition from off-shore companies that benefit from various state subsidy programs, we need to modernize our manufacturing processes to ensure company competitiveness and sustainability.”

This investment will allow Trenton Forging to add capacity, achieve higher output rates, manufacture higher volume programs, forge larger components, compete with off-shore manufacturers, and alleviate labor shortage issues.

“We will continue to run our existing hammer lines simultaneously, allowing us to offer two complimentary forging processes to our customers.  This way, we still meet the needs of the low volume/job shop market while also offering a high-quality, local solution to North American companies in need of a reliable supplier for high volume projects,” says Chelsea Lantto, President.

While automation is key to this project, the expansion will add to the team’s headcount.  In total, Trenton expects to hire an additional 40 team members on two shifts to support this expansion over the next five years, starting within the next two months.  These skilled professionals will be integral to ensure project success and sustainability of the company in the long-term.

Trenton Forging Company is American owned and operated and a leading producer of custom closed-impression die forgings for a wide array of industries.  In business for over 50 years, it has remained the strongest of competitors due to its focus on quality, flexible operations, continuous improvement, and willingness to go above and beyond to meet the needs of its customers.  This project is an extension of those principles, and Trenton Forging looks forward to serving both legacy and new customers for another generation.  To submit requests for quotes or to view the latest job openings, please visit, and visit our booth at Forge Fair 2021 in Detroit.