Welcome to the Trenton Forging Video gallery, where the intricate art and science of metal forging comes to life. Our curated video collection offers an inside look into the precision, skill, and technological advancements that define our operations. From our feature in "Manufacturing Marvels" to videos that showcase our process, equipment, and special case studies (“Reviving a Classic 1938 Ford” was one of our favorite projects), these videos offer a unique window into a world where metal takes on new forms and functions through the art of forging.
Manufacturing Marvels featuring Trenton Forging Company
Trenton Forging Company: Bigger Hammer; Still Handmade. HD
Trenton Forging - How a Forging is Made
The Faro Edge. Laser Scanning Technology (Machine)
The Faro Edge. Laser Scanning Technology (parts)
Trenton Forging Site Company Overview
Trenton Forging Company Drone Video
Trenton Forging Reviving a Classic 1938 Ford