Matching draft

Increased draftThe necessary taper on the side of a forging to allow removal from the dies; also applies to the die impression. Commonly expressed in degrees as the draft angle. As applied to open die forging, draft is the amount of relative movement of the dies toward each other through the metal in one application of power.... More used on the shallow side of a forgingThe process of working metal to a desired shape by impact or pressure in hammers, forging machines (upsetters), presses, rolls, and related forming equipment. to matchA condition in which a point in one die half is aligned properly with the corresponding point in the opposite die half within specified tolerance. its surface at the parting line(1) The line along the surface of a forging where the dies meet, usually at the largest cross section of the part. Flash is formed at the parting line. (2) The plane that divides the two forging die halves. with a similar surface of less draft on the deeper side.