Shut height

For a pressA machine tool with a stationary bed and a slide or ram that has reciprocating motion at right angles to the bed surface; the ram is guided in the frame of the machine., the distance from the top of the bed to the bottom of the ramThe main reciprocating member of a press, guided in the press frame, to which the punch or upper die is fastened. with the stroke downThe vertical movement of a ram during half of the cycle, from the full open to the full closed position or vice versa. and adjustment up. In general, it is the maximum dieThe machined recess in a die that gives the forging its shape. height that can be accommodated for normal operation, taking the bolster plateA plate to which dies can be fastened; the assembly is secured to the top surface of a press bed. In press forging, such a plate may also be attached to the ram. into consideration.