The combination of trimmerThe combination of trimmer punch, trimmer blades, and perhaps trimmer shoe used to remove flash from a forging. punch, trimmer blades, and perhaps trimmer shoeA holder used as a support for the stationary portions of forging and trimming dies. used to remove flashMetal in excess of that required to fill completely the blocking or finishing forging impression of a set of dies. Flash extends out from the body of the forging as a thin plate at the line where the dies meet and is subsequently removed by trimming. Because it cools faster than the body of the component during forging, flash can serve to restrict metal flow at the line where dies meet, thus ensuring complete filling of the impression. See also Closed-Die Forging.... More from a forgingThe process of working metal to a desired shape by impact or pressure in hammers, forging machines (upsetters), presses, rolls, and related forming equipment..