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heating billet via induction heating for hot forging

Forging Versus Casting

While forging and casting can both produce near-net shape parts, they are two completely different metal-forming processes. The characteristics of the parts produced in each process are also different.  If [...]
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Automated Forge Press Line

What Is Press Forging?

Press forging is the process of gradually changing a steel billet’s shape by compressing the steel between two large dies that are either hydraulically or mechanically manipulated. However, it’s not [...]
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three hot steel billets laying on a roll table. There is a fourth billet just out of frame.

Choosing Forging Materials

Forged components are known for their superior strength, impact resistance, and toughness. Part of this is due to the forging process itself, which involves heating the metal to a predetermined [...]
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Forging & Grain Flow

Compared to other manufacturing processes like machining and casting, forging is often considered superior. This is because forging improves grain structure and develops ideal grain flow in components. But, what [...]
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two blacksmiths, one male and one female standing in a forge. The female is slightly in front of the male, wearing a brown protective apron, and holding a forging hammer in her right hand.

Celebrating Women in Forging

Today, while women comprise one-third of the manufacturing workforce, over half of women are more likely to be working in support roles instead of holding a better paying position on [...]
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american forging company

The Impact of Forging Companies

Although you may not actually see them, forgings are present in just about anything that moves on land, in the air, or on the sea. In fact, many industries, including [...]
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