The final monthly leadership blog focused on transformational leadership, courtesy of and authored by Phil Henderson. He has truly created a leadership legacy!

In late 2018, David Moxlow (Owner, CEO of Trenton Forging Company) began describing to me his vision of culture change, and a new context of leadership. I gladly accepted a mentoring role to help his leaders understand this new vision and the behavior changes required to create and sustain it. We focused intently on clearly understanding the interconnected nature of context, culture, leadership and one’s value system.

Context: “The human environment that establishes the scope and limitations of one’s actions, and the results those actions can produce”.

Culture: “The collective actions, activities and behaviors of a team or organization”.

Leadership: “The ability to create an air of confidence in people or groups of people that inspires them to realize their fullest potential or achieve a common goal”.

Values: “One’s belief of what is good or what ought to be”.

We shared our journey through a series of blog articles throughout 2019 and first quarter 2020. I invite you to periodically review those articles to refresh and remind you of the never-ending effort required to provide real, effective, and lasting leadership – your leadership legacy.

It’s time for me to step aside as the author of Trenton Forging’s Leadership Blog. Leader behavior at Trenton Forging looks, feels and sounds different than it did 18 months ago. Frankly, it looks, feels and sounds like the vision David described during our fishing adventures and conversations in late 2018.

It has been an honor to assist David, the Trenton Forging leadership team and employees on their journey. To quote Trenton Forging’s President Scott Finses, “Lead On”, my friends.

taking action; organization; leadership; Phil HendersonPhil Henderson is a former Regional VP of Manufacturing Operations at Harland Clarke Holdings. He is a Designer of Self-Directed, Team-Based Work Systems in manufacturing environments over the course of 26 years. He served 8 years as an Air Traffic Controller and Officer in the US Army, and with distinction as a Captain in the First Gulf War. He currently provides leadership development and self-directed work team design assistance to Trenton Forging. For inquiries, Phil may be reached at (210) 316-3212 or at